Edwin Booth cigar box label

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Edwin Booth (1833-1893)
Considered the greatest actor of his day.

According to one historian, "No actor of his time so completely filled the eye, the ear and the mind with the ideal of romantic tragedy as Edwin Booth."  The son of Shakespearean actor Junius Brutus Booth, and named for Edwin Forrest, Edwin Booth had little in common with his forebears.  Where they had been loud and bombastic, Booth used a subtle, psychological approach to character.  His most famous performances were as Brutus in Julius Caesar with his father, Junius, as Caesar and his brother, John Wilkes Booth, as Cassius.  Ironically, John Wilkes Booth later assassinated Abraham Lincoln. After the assassination, Edwin Booth retired from the stage, but his audience soon welcomed him back.
Here are a couple pics of  Edwin

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