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Inner, Outer Cigar Box Labels & Sets

Cigar Label Junkie dotcom was created with the intention of sharing these wonderful little works of art in miniature with the world.  I started off with a modest 50 page site in 1999 but since then the site has taken on a life of its own.  CLJ dotcom has grown to over 5,000 pages with almost as many images.  The site has been honored by receiving several awards from countries all over the world.  CLJ dotcom has become the quintessential Historical/Educational web site with respect to Cigar Label Art. With that honor and the challenge to keep CLJ dotcom interesting, informative, innovative and easy to navigate...I have decided to sell several of my duplicate labels to help defray the ever growing site maintenance costs.  I have chosen not to allow sponsors to clutter up the site with hundreds of banners, which I feel would detract from the beauty of the art I am presenting.

Even if you are not interested in purchasing labels at this time, I would suggest you view the labels being offered anyway.  I have written tid-bits of history in several of the title descriptions.   Most of all...Have Fun!

Cigar Label Art 4 Sale cigar label

INNER Cigar Labels 4 Sale   

OUTER Cigar Labels 4 Sale